Southern California Gas

Jerry Brown's DOGGR Goes From Lapdog to Attack Dog

Southern California Gas has a secret weapon. His name is Alan Walker. He works at the Division of Oil, Gas, and Geothermal Resources (DOGGR), and he anticipates and satisfies every SoCalGas need before the company even asks.

Not Voting Outbreak Strikes Assembly, Hurts Porter Ranch Victims

It’s not whether you vote yes or no, but whether you vote at all that really matters. That’s the lesson from years of non-voting scandals that have rocked the Capitol and killed critical legislation.
Legislators are paid to take stands, not to stand by and help powerful special interests through their inactions and abstentions when they are present.

So Cal Gas Authored Aliso Blackout Report...But How Much?

Who wrote the report released by energy regulators this week that shocked Southern California with the notion that it could face 14 days of blackouts without Aliso Canyon's gas reserve? Southern California Gas. The very company with billions of dollars in reasons to keep the faulty and ancient reserve open.

Living Without Aliso Canyon's Natural Gas

Lots of residents who live close to SoCalGas's Aliso Canyon natural gas storage facility want the place shut down. The blowout at well SS-25 went on for months, making people sick in communities like Porter Ranch, Northridge, Chatsworth, and Granada Hills. Senator Fran Pavley responded by introducing Bill SB 380  that won't let Aliso's 115 wells reopen until they are deemed safe or plugged. She's also weighing whether we can live without the facility altogether.

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