Could Jerry Brown Be Washing His Dirty Hands?

In the wake of revelations that the energy industry donated nearly $10 million dollars to Governor Brown and the Democratic Party since he came to office, often within days of winning favors that have slowed California's transition away from fossil fuels, is Brown trying to wash his dirty hands?

Our report, Brown’s Dirty Hands, describes Brown’s relationships to the fossil fuel industry, including his own stake in a coal project. 

Big Win Against Opioid Addiction

For over a decade Bob and Carmen Pack have fought to prevent reckless opioid prescribing after losing their two young children in an accident caused by a driver high on drugs and alcohol.

Blackouts? What Blackouts?

Last April, the state's energy regulators and Southern California Gas tried blackout blackmail to reopen Aliso Canyon. They claimed that if the natural gas storage facility didn't reopen, the area faced possible blackouts of up to 14 days. Blackouts? What blackouts? The fact is, there were no blackouts.

Vote Counts

The end of a two-year legislative session is a showcase of the most anti-democratic tendencies of our political system, and this year will be no different. Last-chance votes on legislative proposals loom at the same time as lawmakers do their most prolific fundraising of the year. But this end of session might also bring votes on three reforms that could shake up democracy in California.

California Committee Looking At High Gas Prices Sets Its Sights on Market Power

The Energy Commission committee charged with finding a solution for California’s high gas prices has sometimes been a hostile place for consumers over the last year and a half. At Tuesday's meeting, that changed. The Air Resources Board, NRDC, four members of the committee, and even oil trader Vitol SA echoed Consumer Watchdog to question refiners' market power and lack of transparency for price spikes.

Brown's Dirty Hands Plus One

 As the Los Angeles Times just reported, the oil industry is not only behind a request from Assemblymember Adam Gray and a dozen other lawmakers to audit the Air Resources Board, at the forefront of state efforts against global warming, but wrote the request for Gray. 


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